Meet Our Engineering Team: Evie Adams and Simeon Charles

This week we are shining a spotlight on our exceptional engineering talent and giving you an insight into their career journey with The Compleat Food Group.

Today, we’re introducing our Engineering Planner and Scheduler, Evie Adams and our Electrical Maintenance Engineer, Simeon Charles. Find out more about both their stories…

Evie Adams

How long have you worked in Engineering?

I have been working in engineering for just over 2 years.

What made you consider a career in Engineering?

I always loved Maths and Physics at school and thought Electronics at A-Level would be interesting. I quickly fell in love with it and consequently found myself enrolled at university in a Batchelor of Engineering degree. Following that, I decided I wanted to do something more hands on which led me into the world of maintenance engineering.

What is so great about being an Engineer at The Compleat Food Group?

In my current role, I am off the tools which allows me to analyse how best my team can support the engineering function. With the nature of the business, no two days are the same which allows an environment that where I am in a constant state of growth and change.

Why should you consider a career with TCFG?

If you want to get into engineering, The Compleat Food Group is a great place to start as the production environment is not always smooth sailing. This affords great opportunity for engineers to learn from and get stuck into.


Simeon Charles

How long have you been an Engineer?

5 years

What made you consider a career in Engineering? 

I’ve always been interested in electronics and wanted to be an electrician. The opportunity came about in engineering, and I took it. I love to use my head to try to understand why something isn’t working.

What is so great about being an Engineer at The Compleat Food Group? 

The varied kit we get to work on makes learning a massive part of what we do. Working at The Compleat Food Group has developed my skills very quickly as it isn’t just about pushing a button to reset a machine and walk away. I really do need to use my head explore how to solve a problem. There is also a real team mentality on my shift, and it feels like working with my friends rather than just coming to work and clocking in.

Why should you consider a career with TCFG?

If you are eager to learn and progress and want a fast-paced job where you get to develop your skills quickly then TCFG is great.

Want to learn about the rest of the Engineering team? To hear about Bryn’s story, please visit here.

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