About us

We're a new food group on a mission to create great quality, tasty and affordable food, that people love to eat.

And we believe that this should be done in a way that delivers a positive impact on the world and maximises the social, economic, and environmental well-being of the communities we are part of.

Our Vision

We want to become the UK’s No 1 chilled prepared food company by giving equal emphasis to how we operate as to the financial results we achieve.

That’s why we’re transforming the way we work to set a new standard in ‘good food for all’ – food which is nutritious, sustainable and affordable. This includes adopting science-based targets on our journey to Net Zero and measuring our social value to deliver great food to feel good about.

As a newly created company, we are at the beginning of our journey and we know we still have a long way to go.

We are committed to doing this in an open and transparent way to deliver a better and fairer future for all.

Our Values

To help us achieve our vision, we needed to create a set of principles and values that would inform and guide the decisions we make.

They embody who we are, and how we act and run through the whole company from our behaviour as an employer to the processes we develop in building a better business.

Our values are responsibility, honesty, courage, collaboration, speed and being customer-focused.

Sharing them as a team they will help us to be bold in the choices we make and supportive of one another as we create great-tasting food for our customers and address the key issues in our society and industry.

Our Culture

‘Food to Feel Good’ doesn’t just extend to our customers but lives through our whole business. At the heart of The Compleat Food Group is a desire to create an open environment where our team feels supported to take decisions and to assume responsibility.

We will continue to build their skills and capabilities through ongoing education, with the likes of climate literacy programmes for all employees and educating our key suppliers.

And we are creating a pool of diverse talent and an equitable and inclusive workforce by creating employment opportunities for under-served groups, and through our goal to achieve gender parity across leadership roles by 2030.