We believe that maintaining the health of our bodies and the planet should not come at the expense of flavour. We want our product to be loved not just because it is sustainable, but because it is delicious!

No matter if you are a vegan, health nut, or junk food lover, our goal is to make a cheeze that you will happily indulge in.

Positively changing perceptions of Plant Based Cheeze.

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Our Cheeze is made for sharing, tearing and pairing. For the ones who snack, chat and dine. And the others that spread, melt and dip.

From tasty cream cheese spreads to soft and hard cheeses that have been aged over months, we have products for every charcuterie board.

We’re award winners!

We’re very proud that some of our range has been recognised with fantastic awards. Below are some of our latest award-winning products.

Our Brands

With a product portfolio that includes some of Britain’s best–known food brands in their own right, each of the brands in The Compleat Food Group brings something unique to the table.