Olives & Antipasti

Proud to be the #1 provider of pre-packed chilled olives and antipasti to the UK market, working in partnership with high-quality growers from around the world.


We love our chilled olives with a blend of herbs, spices and cheese – why not try them for yourself?


Snack the Mediterranean way and enjoy mixed stuffed peppers, Italian chargrilled artichokes, free range Spanish omelette, seafood and traditional Tarte Flambée.

Continental Meats

With a heritage of supplying continental meats for over 30 years, we work with our production partners in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Belgium, to supply own-label and branded lines to the retail and foodservice sectors.

Chilled Meats

Fancy going on a foodie adventure around Europe? With our delicious Prosciutto, Serrano and Rillettes you can!

Ambient Meats

From snacking to entertaining, liven up your dish with our ambient range of authentic, delicious, and super versatile continental meats.


Did you know we're responsible for launching many Mediterranean foods into the UK, including bakery items, chilled pasta and Spanish omelette?

Spanish Omelette

An essential in any tapas selection, Tortilla Española is one of Spain’s most popular snacks. Ours is made with free range eggs and comes in a variety of sizes and flavours too!