Our leadership team

Nick Field

Chief Executive Officer

Nick’s experience: Over 20 years in the food industry. Joined Compleat in June 2022.

Favourite Compleat food:

So many great products, but one stand out favourite is our Wall’s Pastry Jumbo Sausage Roll served up with our Vadasz jalapeño relish. Perfect!

Hayley Kingdom

Chief People Officer

Hayley’s experience: Over 15 years in HR in FMCG businesses. Joined Compleat in February 2023.

Favourite Compleat food:

Vadasz Raw Kimchi – tasty, good for you and goes with anything (I even have it with my roast dinner on a Sunday)!

Rob Hoare

Chief Commercial Officer

Rob’s experience: Over 30 years in the food industry. Joined Compleat in May 2017.

Favourite Compleat food:

Wrights Chicken Balti pie – a great football pie available in most Premier League grounds!

Tom Riley

Chief Finance Officer

Tom’s experience: Over 10 years in the food industry and 20 years in finance. Joined Compleat in 2024.

Favourite Compleat food:

Too many to choose from but if I was pushed it would have to be the classic Wall’s Scotch Egg, a must-have product in the picnic hamper.

Jason Musk

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Jason’s experience: More than 30 years in the food and drink industry.  Joined Compleat in July 2021 from Nomad Foods.

Favourite Compleat food:

I love the Pork Farms Pork Pie, which makes working for the UK’s number one supplier a real privilege.

Damian Shaw

MD Outsourced

Damian’s experience: More than 28 years in the food industry. Joined Compleat in July 2003.

Favourite Compleat food:

unearthed Spanish Omelette, it is deliciously authentic in its own right but even more enjoyable when accompanied by other tasty Mediterranean flavours from the unearthed range!

Yvonne Adam

Chief Marketing Officer

Yvonne’s experience: Over 25 years in the food industry. Joined Compleat in 2021 from Young’s Seafood.

Favourite Compleat food:

Too many to mention but if I had to choose one, probably our bright green Nocellara Olives. I used to think I didn’t like olives but that’s all changed since joining Compleat and realising there’s an olive for everyone!

Brian Byrne

Chief Procurement Officer

Brian’s experience: Over 20 years in the food industry working across both retail and manufacturing. Joined Compleat in 2023.

Favourite Compleat food:

unearthed Torchon ham, perfect in a crusty baguette and delicious every time.