Discover our range of ready-to-eat, plant-based options, featuring sandwich fillers including cheezes, slices, and pieces, alongside fresh condiments like kimchi and red onion pickles.

Sandwich Slices

Our tasty sandwich fillers are high in protein and the perfect addition to your lunch or snacks.

Fillets & Pieces

Our Chargrilled Mini Fillets are chargrilled to perfection, and our Chicken Style Pieces are coated with a delicious marinade that is beyond moreish.


Our indulgent fish range consists of Beechwood Smoked Salmon and tuna style flakes. Perfect for the ultimate brunch or topping jacket potatoes and more.

Pickles & Ferments

We’re passionate about transforming your sandwich, salad, or burger with super fresh condiments that are great for your health.


Our Cheeze is made for sharing, tearing, and pairing. For the ones who snack, chat and dine. And the others that spread, melt, and dip.