Our Impact

At The Compleat Food Group, we know our responsibility goes beyond producing good food.

As a new food group, we are taking bold action on climate to transform and deliver a better, fairer future for all.

The food industry has a central role to play in resolving the environmental and social challenges we face today. Our need for food is fundamental but it also brings communities together. With more people than ever wanting to work for a business with a clear sense of purpose, our industry has an opportunity to attract and retain the talent that will be key for a global sustainability transition.

Successive and multiplying challenges – Brexit, Covid, and now the conflict in Ukraine, on top of climate change have left the food industry facing a critical time and what we do next will have a major bearing on future generations. We need to do more but the situation also presents a valuable opportunity to look at things differently.

For us at Compleat it means continuing a journey to develop our environmental, social, and governance programmes, helping to play our part in ensuring that healthy and nutritious food is as accessible to everyone as it is kinder to the environment.

This is the driver of our new “Food to Feel Good” strategy. Only by producing food that is better for the planet AND for people can we create a future fit food system that works for all.

This is going to be a long journey and we don’t have all the answers yet. Our ESG strategy will set out clear ambitions but we want to look beyond corporate commitments and goals. We are looking forward to working with all our stakeholders in order to play our part building an improved food system.

Paul Monk
Executive Chair
The Compleat Food Group

Key Milestones

To deliver on our ‘Food to Feel Good’ promise we know we need to tackle the big issues. These include climate, health and affordability. We’re doing this through a clear roadmap to achieving Net Zero across our business and our supply chain and increasing the social value we create in the communities we’re part of.

It is ambitious and will transform our operations, our products and how we work with others. But we are up to the challenge and excited by the journey we have started on. We look forward to sharing our progress with you on a regular basis, starting here with our key milestones.

Our ESG Mission

By 2035 we will be a business operating with net zero emissions and by 2040 across our value chain + By 2035 we will be a business that has scaled our social value tenfold

Tackling The Big Issues