Our Impact

Delivering food to feel good

Our chief executive, Nick Field, on what environmental social and governance (ESG) means at the Compleat Food Group.

At The Compleat Food Group we are not just dedicated to producing the freshest and highest quality food for your table, we are committed to doing so in a sustainable and responsible way. It is our stated purpose to deliver ‘food to feel good’ in every sense, producing great tasting food, better for you, and better for the environment. As one of the UK’s fastest growing chilled food manufacturers The Compleat Food Group is proudly committed to our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) principles creating positive impact for our people and customers.

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint within our own production facilities and we are working closely with our partner suppliers to achieve this throughout our value chain. We are already delivering positive strides with many of our partner base, including our suppliers on lives where, together, we are setting new standards for water usage and the removal of brown energy in the processing facilities exclusively producing for The Compleat Food Group in the UK.

We continue to build on the success of our European Farm Partnership and invite you to join us to find out more about the positive impact it continues to have on animal welfare. It’s a long and challenging road ahead to ensure we meet our commitments on ESG but it remains a key component of our mission, and we continue to take steps towards it every day across all functions within our business. This is truly about ‘food to feel good’ in every sense, and with the support of our supplier partners, and vitally our customers, I’m confident we will continue to achieve and exceed our ambitious targets. I’m incredibly proud of the work we have completed to date and look forward to delivering continued momentum in this critical space.

I look forward to sharing our progress and plans in our first ESG report that we will publish in summer 2024.

Nick Field
Chief Executive, The Compleat Food Group