Meet our Apprentices this National Apprenticeship Week.

This week, we celebrate the invaluable contributions of apprentices and raising awareness of the vital role they play within our industry. To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, we’re spotlighting three fantastic apprentices and sharing their apprenticeship journey with The Compleat Food Group.

Meet Harriet Brocklebank – Our Technical Graduate who is undertaking a Level 7 Leadership Apprenticeship. Harriet joined our Graduate Scheme in September 2022 to kickstart her career within our Technical function. Read about Harriet’s journey and how she is finding her apprenticeship below.

What made you decide to apply for the apprenticeship?
I hoped that the challenge of completing a diploma alongside a graduate programme would allow me to gain a more holistic understanding of the industry. The course has provided clear channels for development within the industry and has allowed me to draw on the things I’ve learnt to implement changes within the department. I am a technical graduate working in Central Compliance. Alongside work on my apprenticeship, my week is spent managing supply chain mapping and liaising with suppliers to monitor horizon scanning alerts. I have led a project that has introduced a monthly newsletter to share key updates across the department and I have taken up opportunities to get involved in projects beyond my role such as being a site co-lead within the employee-led Biodiversity Group and fundraising for The Prince’s Trust Million Makers Challenge.

What are you enjoying most about your apprenticeship?
My apprenticeship cohort is made up of people who work across various industries and are in various stages of their career. Networking with and learning from them has been invaluable to my course experience. It’s always worth looking at what apprenticeship opportunities are available. I recommend considering a course that could expand your knowledge in a particular field or one that is aligned to your career goals.

What is the best thing about being an apprentice at TCFG?
Having time to get to know the other apprentices from Compleat who are on the course has been great. My manager has also been supportive of my studies and has given me the time and opportunity to do coursework and implement changes within my role.


Meet Bradley Roberts – Our Palethorpe’s Apprentice Engineer who is undertaking a Level 3 Engineering Technician Apprenticeship. Bradley joined our Palethorpe’s site in August 2023 to kickstart his career within Engineering at The Compleat Food Group. Read about Bradley’s journey and how he is finding his apprenticeship below.

What made you decide to apply for an apprenticeship?

I applied for my apprenticeship as I found engineering extremely interesting. I really enjoy practical work which meant this role was perfect for me. I specifically wanted to work in a food production company as working in that environment, around food and high-risk products, provides me with really interesting scenarios for me to learn from. It also gives me the opportunity to think outside the box and to complete tasks safely and effectively.

What does a typical day look like for you?

As an apprentice every day is different. My current supervisor is an asset care engineer who looks at various jobs around the factory for continuous improvement, not only in the present but to safeguard the future as well, so I get to spend time learning a lot from them. I also get to spend time measuring jobs and making drawings whilst learning about the importance of making things in the correct way due to us being around raw food and food production.

What are you enjoying most about your apprenticeship?

What I like most about my apprenticeship is being surrounded by knowledgeable colleagues who have many years’ experiences which I can tap into to support my career journey. I also really enjoy other aspects that come with my apprenticeship like working hands on, progressing my education, and getting paid for it. If you are considering undertaking an apprenticeship at The Compleat Food Group I would highly recommend it as it progresses you as a person by boosting your confidence, knowledge and people skills. Not only in engineering but in all aspects of life. This carries over to all the apprenticeships that Compleat offer.

What is the best thing about being an apprentice at TCFG?

The best part of being an apprentice at Compleat Food is the wide range of machinery you get to work on as this expands your skills and awareness. I can learn skills academically, at college and also practically within the workplace.


Meet Michaela Mok – Our Talent, Communications & Engagement Apprentice who is undertaking a Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship. Michaela joined our Talent and Communications team in June 2023. Read about Michaela’s journey and how she is finding her apprenticeship below.

What’s your full name and apprenticeship title?

Michaela Mok, Talent, Communications and Engagement Apprentices. Studying Business Administrator Level 3 with the Apprenticeship College

What made you decide to apply for the apprenticeship?

I have always been intrigued in the food industry, especially the vastness of production in our company. This apprenticeship really helped me understand everyone’s role and my place within the many cogs of our group. I really like my current role as Talent, Communications and Engagement Apprentice as I can do different things. I also have a dual role in early careers as well as communications, so I get to learn a lot. I get a unique experience with apprenticeships as not only do I overlook our learners’ progress and communicate with our apprenticeship providers but also get an inside look on what it is like to be on one myself.

What are you enjoying most about your apprenticeship?

I enjoy the workshops with people from other companies and coming together to upskill. My apprenticeship days are like somewhat of a university experience.

What is the best thing about being an apprentice at TCFG?

I genuinely feel a lot of support from the company, devoting time and money to upskill their staff. I love being able to learn as I work and apply what I learn to my role, especially with this being my first job since university. It is good to get a refresher course as well as keep learning how to be better at my role and advance further in my career.

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