Meet Our Finance Team: Stewart Jones

To continue our ‘Meet The Team’ series, this week we are sharing the career journeys of three of our Finance team and giving you an insight into what it is like to work for a fast paced and exciting department.

Today we are introducing Stewart Jones, our Senior Commercial Analyst. Learn more about Stewart’s journey below…

How long have you worked in Finance?

13 Years

What made you consider a career in Finance?

I spent many years struggling to understand where my place was in previous careers. I found that I was good with numbers and systems but I felt I didn’t have any direction in previous roles. I was then given an opportunity to become an Assistant Business Analyst and that is when I found where my skills fit in and began to develop my confidence.

What is so great about being in Finance at TCFG?

You are supported and backed by your colleagues and management and you are also encouraged to develop yourself and your skills. Your opinion is always listened to and you are valued by the business.

What opportunities are there within TCFG for Finance?

TCFG has a large and varied finance department with many different functions and opportunities to grow and develop.

Why should you consider a career with TCFG?

We are a growing company with great private backing and the company is always looking at ways to improve the business, with people being the driving factor behind that.

Describe an average day at TCFG.

With such a wide variety of work there is no “average” day, you could be looking at profitability of one of our world class brands one day and then the next, you could be looking at the implications of our latest promotional plans.

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