Meet Our Engineering Team: Shakeel Syed and Gerson Pinto

As we conclude our Meet the Engineering Team series, we are delighted to introduce you to our final two engineering colleagues, Shakeel Syed, our Engineering Graduate and Gerson Pinto, our Lead Engineer.

Read more about their careers and what they enjoy most about working in Engineering…

Shakeel Syed

What made you consider a career in Engineering?  

I have always had an interest in solving problems and find I work best when I am left to come up with solutions. Growing up, seeing modern day commodities such as new cars and planes had a massive impact on my interest and how engineering solutions have revolutionised the way we live and work.

What do you enjoy the most as an Engineering Graduate?  

I personally like to face challenges head on, so I can grow and develop myself. Being an Engineering Graduate at the TCFG has put me in a position where I can challenge myself but know I have plenty of support behind me anytime I find myself in a pickle. This in turn allows me to achieve the self-development I am always looking for.

Why should you consider a career with TCFG?  

I see massive potential in this company and love the attitude and the culture around TCFG. I like a company that is always trying to improve and revolutionise its practises to be the best they can be. Being able to be part of this growing business with a great culture is why I considered a career with TCFG.


Gerson Pinto

How long have you been an Engineer? 

5 years

What made you consider a career in Engineering?

I like to know how things work and explore how to solve problems. I have always wanted to make and create things, so a career where I can build and repair things is perfect for me!

What is so great about being an Engineer at The Compleat Food Group?

The group is really nice to all its colleagues. The company is very supportive and a lovely place to work.

What opportunities are there within TCFG for Engineers?

There are a lot of opportunities across the group, especially in Engineering, for those who want to progress further and better themselves.

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