Meet our NPD team: Brogan Munslow and Phillip Bohemia

We’re wrapping up our Meet the NPD Team series by highlighting the achievements of our Plant Based Development Assistant, Brogan Munslow, and our Group Executive Chef, Phillip Bohemia, who both play their part in ensuring we continue to drive forward innovation with our products.

Read more about their careers and what they enjoy most about working in NPD…

How long have you worked in NPD?

B: Two years and seven months.

P: 12 years.

What made you consider a career in NPD?

B: I studied Food and Nutrition at college and was tasked with developing a recipe to suit a specific brief. This was my first insight into product development and encouraged me to study Nutrition at Bournemouth University, where we had a module on food processing and product development. It was these experiences and my year placement which guided me into a career in NPD.

P: I have always had a passion for food innovation and being in an NPD role allows me to explore that daily.

What is so great about being in NPD at Compleat?

B: Due to the breadth of products that are manufactured at Compleat, there are a wide variety of categories and processes to learn about. There is also an experienced team of developers that are happy to share their knowledge with me so that I can develop my own skills and build my understanding of NPD and the wider food industry.

P: My role allows me to be involved in a wide variety of products and projects at multiple sites, as well as often visiting a variety of customers, so no two weeks are ever the same. As an overall NPD team, we are given the freedom to innovate and to challenge processes regularly, so creativity is encouraged by all.

What opportunities are there within Compleat for NPD?

B: Over the last year I have had the opportunity to move from supporting, to leading, a variety of projects for our vegan brand Squeaky Bean. This has meant I have been able to build my knowledge and skills about the NPD launch process through practical experiences. There’s also a lot of cross-functional working, so I get to work alongside our brand, commercial and technical teams, which means I have been able to understand the development process from conception to launch.

P: Working at Compleat is a great opportunity to personally develop yourself and your skillset within not only the NPD team, but the wider business. It allows you to broaden your skills through training and to get hands on with all aspects of the role.

Why should you consider a career with Compleat?

B: Joining the company fresh out of university, I feel as though Compleat has nurtured me and provided me with opportunities to develop, increasing my responsibilities as and when I have been ready. It has also allowed me to build a network of colleagues, each of whom support me in different ways.

P: Working at Compleat is a great opportunity to collaborate with a supportive team of people who share the same passion for food and quality as you do. I’m given the freedom to explore and express my creative side, whilst feeling part of a bigger team that is always striving to achieve better. If you have a passion for food and like seeing a project through to the end while learning new skills, then food NPD is the perfect environment.

Describe an average day at Compleat

B: The great thing about working in NPD is the variety of our workload. Often, we are in the office working on recipes and developing our products. Other days we are presenting products to customers, creating dishes for innovation days, attending factory trials and first productions, or gaining inspiration of new trends by visiting stores and restaurants.

P: Typically, the chefs will look at the work needed for the day as a team, and it could include making repeat samples for a submission meeting or making a range of totally new products for a first product submission. If this includes new raw materials, then we will work closely with our procurement team who will organise samples and agree prices. We can then conduct product feasibility trials to look at potential issues including production run rates, suitable packaging, and staffing levels. Once products are made and ready for customers, our team will eat them with the relevant site team and make any final changes from the feedback suggested before despatching to the relevant customer.

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