Meet our NPD Team: Lindi Shepherd

Our New Product Development (NPD) Team is at the heart and soul of what we do, as each member plays a key role in developing and producing our great tasting, market leading products.

So, as part of our Meet the Team series, we’re shining a spotlight on the NPD department, introducing you to some of the talented individuals that make up the team, and inspiring others to consider a career in NPD.

First up is Lindi Shepherd, our Process Technologist. Learn more about Lindi’s journey…

How long have you worked in NPD?

Three and a half years.

What made you consider a career in NPD?

After graduating university, I found myself unsure of what direction I wanted to go in. I joined the business as administration support to gain experience; however, in doing so, I discovered the diverse world of food manufacturing. The department that stood out the most to me was NPD due to how varied the role was. Being site-based, I saw how the role would allow me to work with different teams, gain project management experience and enable me to be hands on in the factory.

What is so great about being in NPD at Compleat?

NPD at Compleat is exciting due to the nature of the products we produce and the emphasis that the business places on innovation. Influences associated with our products, such as the Mediterranean diet, charcuterie, and ferments, have continued to broaden and inspire my knowledge of food and I’m learning how we maintain our exceptional high quality when producing products on a large scale.

What opportunities are there within Compleat for NPD?

NPD within Compleat is such a wide network of teams, from the chefs and developers who come up with exciting new concepts, to more site-based roles like mine, where the key question we ask ourselves is “how do we do it?”. With ten sites in total now within the group, there is more opportunity than ever to learn different approaches to the food manufacturing industry. Whether it’s expanding your food range to cater for different diets, or investing in a greater diversity of machinery, each site takes a slightly different approach and gives you a new perspective.

Why should you consider a career with Compleat?

Compleat is a fast paced, ever evolving, and exciting company to work for, and keeps you both challenged and motivated to produce the best products possible. I believe that one of the company’s biggest strengths is the cross-functional approach it takes to working together to solve problems and achieve the best outcomes. I have always found that support and opportunities for personal growth have always been there to give me the best possible start to my career.

Describe an average day at Compleat

Due to the nature of process development, almost no day is the same! Some weeks we can be very focused on running trials in the factory, where we take the concept of a new product and then work with the production teams to assess it. Here, we examine everything from engineering capabilities to quality challenges and then figure out what changes need to be made to ensure the product can be produced efficiently and effectively when it launches. Other days can be more office-based, where we work on the behind-the-scenes aspects, such as project planning, to make sure launches happen on time.

Want to learn about the rest of the NPD team? To hear about Ed and Craig’s story, visit here.

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