Landmark agreement with the UK Soy Manifesto

38 leading UK food producers – ourselves included – representing nearly 60% of the UK’s soy consumption, and the Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC), representing the four major importers of soy and the animal feed industry, have recently set out a series of comprehensive actions to deliver on the aims of the UK Soy Manifesto. An ambitious commitment which aims to move all the UK’s soy imports to being free from deforestation and conversion.

Together, we are acknowledging that mainstream transformation on this scale cannot be achieved by companies working within their individual supply chains alone, all businesses along the supply chain, from soy producers to retailers and brands, will take responsibility and act together. This announcement demonstrates the group’s commitment to collective, cross supply chain action with agreement to:

  •  Produce a quarterly soy deforestation risk register for UK soy imports, tracking the UK’s progress in the importation of deforestation and conversion free soy.
  •  Agreeing a joint transition plan, coordinated by a high-level cross supply chain governance group, with support of expert stakeholders to monitor and review the transition, ensuring the risk and responsibilities are shared.

David Moore, our Head of ESG said: “With the rise of environmental ethics and consumers demanding transparency from major corporations, it is the food industry’s responsibility to promote and practice sustainable development and trade. The landmark agreement between the UK Soy Manifesto and the nation’s leading food organisations is a truly historic moment, showing the UK’s commitment towards achieving global net zero targets by 2050.

“The Compleat Food Group is proud to be amongst other leading brands proving their dedication to practicing business in a sustainable manner. As a socially responsible company we are actively working with our suppliers to support the sourcing of sustainable soya by ensuring all soya entering our supply chains is deforestation and conversion free as soon as possible, and by 2025 at the latest.”

To learn more about the UK Soy Manifesto and its landmark agreement here.

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