Brand new savoury pastry range for unearthed®

We love to explore new flavours here at Compleat, our brand unearthed® is a prime example of this. With the discovery of new foods and flavours from across the world at its core, unearthed® is building on its successful track record in deli and antipasti by offering an exciting fusion between British pastry and authentic Mediterranean ingredients with its new pastries.

unearthed® has entered the premium chilled savoury pastry category for the first time with  range of four new products full of delicious world flavours: Manchego and Serrano Rolls, Spicy ‘Nduja Rolls, Chicken and Chorizo Mini Empanadas and Smoky Beef Mini Empanadas.

The launch comes as the Chilled Savoury Pastry premium tier outpaces the wider category, with premium growing by +7.5% to be worth 16% of Chilled Savoury Pastry compared to 13% two years ago.*

Our brand’s entry into premium chilled savoury pastry includes the launch of two different rolls that are made with all butter flaky pastry and are inspired by unearthed®s ongoing mission to replicate authentic holiday meals at home.

Designed around all Spanish flavour, the Manchego and Serrano Rolls are packed full of outdoor-bred pork, Serrano ham, Manchego cheese and finished with a cheese and parsley crumb. The second roll in the range, Spicy ‘Nduja, brings a touch of heat with its blend of Calabrian flavours, containing outdoor-bred pork, spicy ‘Nduja sausage and Fireroasted™ peppers, hand finished with a fennel seed sprinkle.

unearthed® Manchego and Serrano Rolls and unearthed® Spicy ‘Nduja Rolls were available from September in Waitrose and contain two rolls in a pack (188g, RRP £3.50).

Joining the rolls are two authentic mini empanadas recipes, thinly rolled all butter pastry parcels that are packed full of flavour and draw on South American and Spanish influences.

The Chicken and Chorizo Mini Empanadas are filled to the brim with slow cooked chicken and chorizo in a sundried tomato and smoked paprika sauce and topped with a nigella seed and paprika sprinkle, making them the perfect snack or small plate as part of a tapas spread. The Smoky Beef Mini Empanadas are stuffed with beef and sweetcorn in a sundried tomato and harissa sauce and completed with a paprika and fennel seed sprinkle, delighting the senses with their authentic smoky flavour.

unearthed® Chicken and Chorizo Mini Empanadas and unearthed® Smoky Beef Mini Empanadas were available from September in Waitrose and contain six mini empanadas in a pack (240g, RRP £4).

Carrie Hollis-Patel, our marketing manager said: “At unearthed®, we’re all about discovery and bringing delicious flavours from our trips abroad into everyday life. Our hugely popular and longstanding deli range ticks all these boxes, but we’re always looking at how we can innovate and introduce our customers to new and exciting foods from around the world.

“Having already experienced success in the frozen pastry market with our pastel de natas, an extension into chilled pastry seemed a natural fit. We saw a gap in the category that would allow us to develop something truly unique in premium pastry, by combining sensational flavours that take adventurous food lovers back to their favourite holiday destinations, all packaged in the roll format that we know customers love.

“Since becoming part of The Compleat Food Group, we have also been able to draw on the group’s expertise as a leading supplier of own-label pastry products which, paired with unearthed®’s incredible Mediterranean flavours, has allowed us to create something really special.”


*(Kantar, 52 w/e 4th Sept 22)

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